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League Sports

M&M features a full crew of experienced individuals to keep our photo shoots clean & organized. Our forms are delivered to you prior to your scheduled shoot, and staff is available the day of the shoot to provide extra forms, answer questions, and to show you samples of our products. League sports should contact us early in order to provide you with the best possible service for your particular situation. Remember, your shoot must be scheduled, staffed, and prepared to meet schedules and any time restraints you may have.Early  planning is key to a smooth productive shoot for your organization.

Photos will be delivered within three weeks, bundled, labeled, and segregated by teams for ease of distribution. Re-orders are made possible on line through our website where pictures will be archived for 30 days after all images are processed and uploaded.

School Sports & Organizations

High sports photos are scheduled with your coach or athletic director in the season that these sports are normally active. Contact us for information.


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