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Michael and Mishelle are arguably the only known true full service photography outfits on the West Coast. We break the industry standards by not limiting ourselves to niche markets and particular “specialties”. Imagination and creativity is limitless and has no boundaries, as such, and we believe the same holds true for photography. The end result is enjoying the craft to it’s fullest extent, and developing the skills to meet the unexpected with the versatility and confidence needed to create great images that meet the need of our clients.

Artist’s Statement

Nature and music where always at the core of Michael’s creative being with music dominating his interest in the 80’s and 90’s into a career as professional jazz / rock drummer in Los Angeles.  Michael’s also tested the waters of entrepreneurial corporate America and developed a career as a talented futures and stock trader.  In the process he inadvertently took several companies public and was hired as a corporate consultant.  Two years later Michael started his own firm Corporate Alliance Network, LLC, an Investor Relations Consulting firm to publicly traded companies in North America.  Every business trip included a multi-day photo trek in the seclusion of the nearest forest, dessert or ocean, or a corporate photo shoot for company publications.  It wasn’t long until he realized fulfillment through photography alone.  His passion for creating images for himself and others left no room for the corporate rat race.

In 2000, while vacationing in Montana, Michael met National Geographic photographers Rick Sammon and Darrell Guillion who soon became his mentors and enabled his dream into professional photography.  Printing became an obsession in pursuit of perfection, which completed the circle of having total artistic control.

While on a guided fishing trip a few months later in Dunsmuir, CA, he unexpectedly and immediately found home, the foothills of Mt. Shasta.  He relocated his family to Dunsmuir and took a job as a photo editor for The Mt. Shasta Herald and is credited for converting the paper’s photography-based production to a digital photography format.  Michael spent the next two years as a reporter, staff photographer, and photo editor while developing his craft as a fine art photographer and printer in his spare time.

In 2007 Michael met the creative talents of Nickki Lee Hill, a professional Fine Art photographer and Graphic designer with whom he formed Studio Baconthorp, which is dedicated to exploring the limitless creativity of photography, Fine Art Imagery and printing.

Michael and his new wife Mishelle have since created M&M Photography and work as a team with their assistants serving their clientele with the best they have to offer, while living in Lake Shastina, California with their six wonderful children.


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